Skinny's Social Garage

Loneliness can be worse for your health than smoking or obesity - that's why we're developing an initiative to bring people together.

Skinny's Social Garage is a new initiative we're launching with a plan to create better social connections within the Queensland motorcycling community.

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Social Garage Launch

Planned for Q1 2021

We're aiming to launch a social garage with all of the space, tools, knowledge, and support you need for your next project!

This will also act as a hub for ongoing skills training, social rides, and community SME's.

Free Skills Workshops

Skills, training and projects to help people to develop and grow.

We believe that skills and knowledge are critical to helping people grow - that's why we're offering free training workshops to help people to grow whilst also building new social connections!

Social Health Events

Grow the motorcycling community and social connections

We're looking to host a wide range of events for the motorcycling community, including:

  • Mental Health initiatives

  • Social Rides

  • Rural and Remote engagement activities

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