A new concept in motorcycle mechanical workshops

Dirt, road, track or adventure motorbike - we look after it

- Get outstanding expertise of over 35 years

- Work with a dedicated team of independent mechanics 

- Leave your riding gear while your bike is being serviced

- Watch your bike being serviced from our customers' gallery above the workshop - all while sipping a coffee

Our team of independent mechanics works together to get you the best service possible. They share

  • resources,

  • tools,

  • space, and

  • world-class software

to make sure your bike is taken care of in the most professional and timely way.

Get the tender love and care you use to get from your friendly neighbourhood mechanic, and the

  • professionalism,

  • state of the art tools and

  • software to rival any 21st century top tier dealership.

You also get a huge and diverse skill set under the one roof. And it is all managed by a senior motorcycle mechanic not an office junior.

Welcome to a new era in motorcycle service, repair, customisation and optimisation.

 Minor service, major rebuild, fixing electrical issues, suspension, tyres or anything in between.


All makes and models


Service and upgrades


Performance upgrade if requested


Supply and fit